How CBD Can Help in Your Daily Wellness Routine

How CBD Can Help in Your Daily Wellness Routine

Posted by Ahya Wellness Team on 1st Sep 2022

We all intuitively realize that daily wellness and balance don’t happen from one decision or one activity. Instead, we know a balanced lifestyle comes from multiple decisions, indeed daily decisions all working together including adding full-spectrum, whole-plant derived hemp products containing CBD to our daily wellness routine and thankfully science backs up our intuition. All sources are listed at the bottom of this article, enjoy!

What Does It Mean When We Talk About Wellness?

It’s not easy to formulate a plan for incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine without first understanding what wellness means. While achieving wellness does stem, in part, from physical health by focusing on things like nutrition, physical fitness, routine medical care, and careful use of dietary supplements with safe, targeted products, there are additional dimensions of wellness that deserve attention, too. The National Wellness Institute calls general wellness “whole-person wellness” and outlines the 6 dimensions of wellness as:

  • Occupational – productivity helps us find meaning in our lives.
  • Physical – keeping your body as healthy as possible contributes to overall wellness
  • Social – quality relationships and being part of the broader community matter.
  • Intellectual – continued learning and growth contributes to wellness.
  • Spiritual – – internal alignment with your values and beliefs is important, pausing to regain alignment matters.
  • Emotional – understanding your mood, stress and managing the ups and downs matter.

General health and wellness is achieved through a variety of approaches working together towards an ever-shifting balance that leads to what we hope is a healthy life. Decades of study and research on health and wellness confirmed a simple fact postulated in the 1986 Ardell Wellness Report, “Wellness is a dynamic, ever-changing, fluctuating process”. Now that we know what constitutes wellness, we must figure out steps we can take to achieve health and wellness in a measurable and sustainable way.

What are the Steps to Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle?

The six dimensions of wellness are a great start, but they can be overwhelming if we stay focused on such enormous concepts. Instead, what we need is to distil the six dimensions of wellness into actionable steps we can more easily take. While each person is different and there are as many paths to health and wellness as individual people on the planet, research has shown that certain foundational practices contribute to overall wellness and together with those foundational practices, we can add high-quality, whole-plant, pure, full-spectrum CBD products to make all the difference in our health and wellness journey.

Small steps are the building blocks for better health, wellness, and overall well-being. Below are a few tips including how to use CBD that can help you across the six dimensions of wellness.

Prioritize Sleep: Wellness Starts Here!

Nothing else aids your physical wellness like sleep. Create the right conditions for good sleep, plan your time for sleep, develop routines and rituals around sleep, and consider adding safe, non-pharmaceutical supplements like lavender, valerian, chamomile, or a full-spectrum hemp soft gel (including CBD), night balms, teas, or sublingual sprays that support sleep.

Hydrate with Clean Water: All the Time!

In addition to sleep, staying hydrated is fundamental to your physical health. Commit to bringing filtered, clean water with you wherever you go, and drink up! Find ways to keep it creative by adding a squeeze of lemon, marinating a cucumber or strawberry in the container or water bottle, or adding a whole-plant, flavored full-spectrum hemp beverage infusion product with cannabinoids such as CBD for a treat. Hydration not only keeps the body humming but aids in removing toxins and waste as well.

Move your Body: Start Today!

You cannot talk about physical health without talking about being physical. It’s true, not everyone can run a marathon, but everyone can move; find an active hobby, or establish a movement routine like yoga, tennis, martial arts, or Pilates. Start with a daily walk around the block. Schedule time for sports. Don’t forget to supplement your nutrition and water intake for increased activity and leave time for rest & recovery. High-quality, easy-to-carry full-spectrum hemp products that contain CBD such as balms and topical sprays can aid in your recovery from strained and sore muscles.

Eat Well: Food is Fuel!

What you put in your body has a tremendous impact on your physical health. Eat naturally-sourced, whole, organic, nutritious foods. Add green leafy, fruits and veggies, and a probiotic for the digestive system. Use targeted nutritional supplements to bring health and wellness to all bodily systems. Support your circulatory system by eating a diet rich in olive oil and supplements like CoQ10, calm your nervous system with avocados and almonds, or supplement with B Group vitamins and essential minerals. Rapidly expanding research is uncovering a powerful key to unlocking health and wellness: the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Phyto cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), have been suggested to exert beneficial effects on many areas of health & wellness including sleep, mood, pain, inflammation, and appetite.

Embrace Work: Work Well to Live Well!

Let’s face it, work is sometimes its own occupational hazard but the truth about work is we were made to work and being productive has a significant impact on our wellbeing. Still, finding balance with work can be difficult. Deadlines, procrastination, long hours, managing others, satisfying clients and customers, whatever your work challenge may be find a full-spectrum hemp product that can help with focus and attention to maximize your productivity and to minimize your disruptions.

Belong to a Community: You Can’t Go it Alone!

Humans are social creatures and we all need a place to belong, to know others and be known, and to find a common purpose or goal, even if it feels nerve-wracking to put ourselves out there. We can create community with friends, shared-interest groups, and through volunteer and other civic activities. If getting out there sounds overwhelming, a sublingual mist with cannabinoids (such as CBD) or a dash of full-spectrum hemp beverage infusion in a water bottle can bring some relief to those social jitters we all feel from time to time.

Continue to Learn: Never Stop!

Nurture your intellectual wellness by cultivating new hobbies or take current interests to the next level of mastery. Expand your reading list, learn a musical instrument, or invest in additional education or mentorship in an area that challenges you. Keep dreaming. Take everything you have already learned on this journey and build on it with new skills. And when a little bit more focus is needed or the anxiety of something new creeps in, a natural product containing CBD and other cannabinoids can help bring some ease.

Self-Care: Not Just Spa Days!

Understand, emotional self-care is not just about spa days and naps, it’s also about being emotionally well. Start simple: Breathe. Take care of yourself by cultivating a lifestyle that is nurturing, at a pace that works for you. Some benefit from counselling or therapy, others by talking with friends or taking solitary walks in nature to find clarity and emotional balance. At times though, we are overwhelmed and need additional support. Consider whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp products containing CBD to aid in moments of stress and worry.

Meditation: It’s Really for Everyone!

Spirituality is a sensitive topic for all of us but meditation, contemplative prayer, mindfulness, and rituals do soothe our mind, body, and spirit. Use nature and the astonishing complexity of your body and its intricate systems working together to enhance your spiritual practice and cultivate a connection with something larger than any one individual. Make it your own! Use a CBD-containing full-spectrum hemp product to help calm your mind and bring focus to enhance your practice and support the benefits of your spiritual practice.

How Does CBD Help with Wellness

The mounting evidence in recent scientific, peer-reviewed studies reveals that cannabinoids found in full-spectrum hemp products impact our health in marvelous ways. Clinical research points to three significant conclusions about just one of these cannabinoids, the most well-known, Cannabinol (CBD).

What Does the Science Say About CBD?

Researchers have discovered that CBD:

  • Supports the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in regulating many systems in the body. The ECS targets relief where it needs to go and provides measurable results in supporting learning, memory, and emotional processing in the brain, beneficial sleep, regulating the body’s temperature control system, influencing pain control, and aiding in immune responses.
  • Promotes a general response to hidden but brewing inflammatory conditions including chronic and generalized inflammation.
  • Appears to contribute to the overall quality of life and health of the people who use it. Not just in one or two studies but in study after study, taking CBD makes a difference.

Why Choose Ahya Full-Spectrum (CBD) Products

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