About Us

Ahya was born from the wisdom of entering middle age. The years of striving to know ourselves largely over, we know our limits, the formula we need to live, love, work and play well. We know our time here is brief, we know we strive and succeed but not without the constant reminder of our frailty and imperfections and we are okay with that, indeed we embrace it.

Yet with that wisdom none of us were prepared for the global pandemic that emerged in 2020. Faced with overwhelming challenges familiar to all of us, we looked for help in new ways. Keenly aware unhealthy and self-destructive habits were not the answer, we found the miracle of full spectrum hemp and the products derived from the plant. We experienced the godsend of a deep breath, a quiet moment, and presence and clarity in the storm pitting career, relationships, physical and mental health, children, finances, hopes, dreams, and aspirations all against each other.

As consumers of these products, we also experienced the frustration of unreliable ingredients, poor quality, and lack of transparency. So we founded Ahya with the mission to bring the miracle of full spectrum hemp and the derivative products we designed to our customers with an unwavering commitment to making only the highest quality products, that have a meaningful impact on your daily lives, with the visibility for our customers that we ourselves want when we are taking care of our mind and body.

At Ahya, our passion is found in sharing the secrets of a beautiful balanced life together with our friends and family, so we invite you try our hemp oil CBD products because we know when the day gets tough, Ahya can help you through it.