​Quick Tips for Hydration with CBD

​Quick Tips for Hydration with CBD

Posted by Ahya Wellness Team on 17th Jul 2023

Hydration is a critical component of health and wellness. Clean, filtered, and readily available water can make all the difference in your health outcomes. Use CBD wellness products like a beverage infusion to spruce up flat water and encourage better hydration infused with the benefits of CBD.

Of course, water is only one part of living a healthy, balanced life. To find out more about overall health and wellness, including the importance of sleep, exercise, nutrition, being part of a community, lifelong learning, and meditation see How Full-Spectrum Hemp can Contribute to Daily Wellness. {{LINK}}.

Read on to learn how incorporating premium, full-spectrum CBD wellness products alongside these quick tips can lead to better hydration.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Five Quick Tips to Prioritize Water To Stay Hydrated:

  1. Plan for Water - Keep clean, filtered water available and close at hand with a water bottle, reusable tumbler, or hydration bladder for hiking, running, or other athletic activities.
  2. Make Hydration a Goal - Set a goal for water intake, don’t wait until you are thirsty as this is a late sign of dehydration. Plan for waste removal, yes - that means expect to visit the facilities after you increase water consumption.
  3. Team Up With Friends - Start a water challenge with friends or find someone for mutual support and reminders to stay hydrated. You will both feel better together.
  4. Learn More About Hydration - When you know how important water is to the body, for temperature regulation, waste removal, homeostasis, and more, it will be easier to prioritize water. Check out Water, Hydration and Health to understand more about the importance of “total hydration status”.
  5. Enhance Your Water - Add what you need for the time of day or activity: mix in electrolytes if facing extreme exertion or heat or enhance the flavor and reward the brain with whole-plant, flavored full-spectrum hemp beverage infusion product with cannabinoids such as CBD.

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