CBD for Relief and Recovery

  • Ahya's Relief is an incredible topical muscle freeze aerosol spray featuring 1500mg of water soluble heirloom hemp oil coupled with menthol, lidocaine, capsaicin and other all natural ingredients. young female athlete spraying Ahya's Relief muscle freeze spray onto her knee to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and immediately cool the afflicted area.
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    Topical Muscle Freeze Spray

    Relief topical freeze spray is designed as a targeted topical application to provide fast-acting relief associated with strenuous activity including muscle strains, tweaks, and soreness.

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  • Ahya Restore Muscle Balm - deep restoration for sore muscles with full-spectrum  Heirloom Hemp oil containing CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids. Young female athlete applying Ahya Restore muscle balm to her sore muscles
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    Muscle Balm

    Restore muscle balm is a long-lasting muscle salve designed to be used after a strenuous workout, tennis match, bike ride, or other activity that has left you with soreness or muscle aches.

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