Frequently Asked Questions


What is Heirloom Hemp?

Like with many natural, plant based products, many companies try to extract, modify, improve, clone and do all sorts of other things in the name of science and making the product better.  However, in many cases, the modifications alter the state of the plant or natural ingredients in ways we don’t yet understand.  We think many CBD products have done exactly that with genetic modification and extraction techniques to create isolates and other derivatives, the natural hemp has been altered in ways we don’t yet understand.  The hemp plant has been used in medicinal ways for thousands of years and we decided to manufacture our products with full spectrum, natural hemp from one of its originating sources near the Himalayan mountain range. Our hemp is the “OG” hemp and we think some things are better left as nature intended so we process and modify our hemp as little as possible to retain the entire, full spectrum components both known and unknown to benefit our bodies and we’ve called it Heirloom Hemp.


Do Ahya products have THC in them?

No, Ahya products are not THC products.  THC is either non-existent in Ahya products or Ahya products contain less than 0.3% THC as required by law.  All Ahya products are tested for THC and are found to meet these standards (none or less than 0.3% THC) before they are offered for sale to you.


How do I know if Ahya products are safe?

We engage third parties to test our products for potency (all cannabinoids and THC) as well as for pesticides and heavy metals (i.e. mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.).  You can access our “certificate of analysis” by taking your camera on your smartphone and hovering over the flowcode on the product box or the product itself. That flowcode will take you directly to our COA page.  Follow the instructions and you can see the specific contents or lack of harmful contents there.


Are their side effects with Ahya products?

No. All of Ahya products are made with natural ingredients and are designed with pharmaceutical additives for the aerosols which are able to be ingested. But as with any product put on your body or in your body, consult your doctor if you have any concerns. 


Are there any contraindications to be aware of with CBD?

We at Ahya are not aware of issues with CBD by itself, but as with any product like ours, you should consult with your doctor and special consideration should be given for pregnant or nursing women, and if you are taking other medications.  CBD can interact with other medications and careful consideration should be given prior to combining with your prescription medications.


What inspired the Ahya packaging design?

Ahya was created to ease moments of stress so we can fully be present and enjoy the brilliance of every moment. The design is reminiscent of water flowing or Japanese garden rake lines and inspires us to be graceful with life's ups and downs and remind us to keep focused on being in each and every moment.


Where do you ship to?

Right now we ship anywhere in the United States of America.  We will likely ship to Canada and then to other countries as logistics and the law allows in the future.


How long will shipping take? 

Free shipping is handled by UPS ground and delivery depends on UPS stated schedules, potential delays and length of the transportation.  Generally you can expect your Ahya products within 3-7 business days depending on where you live.


What is your return policy?

We will accept returns of unused unopened product within 30 days, no questions asked.  Any other returns for faulty product are handled on a case by case basis, but we do want our customers to be happy so we will work with you to ensure you are satisfied.  We cannot accept returns of used products.


I am a retailer, will you work with me?

We will consider any like minded brand for potential partnership.  Drop us an email through the contact us page and let’s start the conversation.


What is a CBD Massage or Other CBD Spa Service?

Generally, a CBD massage will be an upgrade of an existing standard massager service to include the use of CBD oil.  Additional charges usually apply for this oil upgrade.   Some spas have incorporated a full CBD Massage which can include a CBD tincture prior to the start of the treatment, or perhaps a cad infused chocolate afterward.  Some may even offer a CBD bath salt to take home to continue the relaxation.  Spas are rapidly expanding their CBD offerings to just about every service, including facials and nails services.